Lucky Patcher APK Download Latest 7.4.9v [Official APK] 100% Working

Lucky Patcher, As you may know, through the Lucky Patcher, you can upgrade any free application to a paid application or you can crack any paid application. So, Today we will will tell you two methods, due to which you can convert many of your trial applications into a paid application or patches them, keep reading this article to the last.

Lucky Patcher APK

First of all, Friends let you know that Lucky Patcher APK is an illigal application and if there are such applications that convert our free application and trial application into pro version, all of them are illigal applications, then we will not use it. But we will tell you well how to use the Lucky Patcher application.

So let’s Friends show you how we can buy any application in free using 2 methods or patch it through the Lucky Patcher through. But all these processes are possible when your phone is root. You can aslo Download Lucky Patcher For PC, Lucky Patcher For iOS, Lucky Patcher For COC and Lucky Patcher Alternative

Lucky Patcher

So let us tell you – I have this Temple Run 2 game and in this you will know that taking Gems is very difficult or it is difficult to find its coins, but we can buy it from google play store But now that we have to buy absolutely free on the Lucky Patcher through.

Now we will tell you “2 Methods” of Lucky Patcher APK

So Temple Run 2 now open the game. Now here you can see the Temple Run 2 game interface will be something like this. So let us click here on the store here.

Lucky Patcher Android

Now click on the currency here.

Lucky Patcher App Apk

Then you can see here, here is Bag of Coins, Chest of Coins, Vault of Coins, there are so many coins in it, along with the prices are also written in it, if you buy Bag of Coins from here So we have to give 320 rs here and if we take Chest of Coins then we will have to give 1300 rs here and if there is Vault of Coins then we have to pay 3250 rs for this.

So today we are going to tell you all about how you can patch this application and buy all Coins or Gems free from here. So here if we click on any product or buy it then here we will see a pop-up of the google play store and from here we will be given the payment method and then from here we will buy through our bank.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

But Friends, we are going to buy it at absolutely free, so now from here we go out of this game and now we go on our Lucky Patcher.

First Method For use Lucky Patcher

All people know basically how we use the Lucky Patcher, so let us first know which method is the first method that everyone can know how we can patch any application. So now you can see that here is our Temple Run 2 game here click here.

Download Lucky Patcher

After this you can see here that the option of “Open Menu oF Patches” will be displayed here. Then click here, then the Creat Modified Apk file will appear.

After this we will see lots of options, which is our first method, the custom patch. So, everyone will know how the custom patch is done but there are very few people who know the second method.

Lucky Patcher Latest Version

So click on the custom patch here, after clicking on it, we give Lucky Patcher some patch which we can use to free it after patching any of our free application or trial application.

Here we can see that we give 2 patch, which we can patch in Temple Run 2 game, then click on both here and click on patch. Then click on Apply button and apply it.

Download Apk For Lucky Patcher

So you can see that our patch is successfully succeeded but if it does not mean that this patch is not working in our Temple Run 2 game then this kind of problem comes in a lot of applications, now our first method It was.

Second Method For use of Lucky Patcher

Now we will talk about the second method here, now the first method is that you can patch it in any free application or trial application, after that you can use it absolutely free, but this patch work in all applications Do not do it. So now the first method is over. Now we talk about the second method.

Again we will have to go to Lucky Patcher and click on “Open Menu oF Patches”. After this here you can see that you will get a choice at number 4 (Support Patch For InApp and LVL emulation)

Lucky Patcher Latest Version

You have to click on this option and after that you will have something similar in its interface. From here you do not need to make any changes and click on apply rebuilt this app.

Lucky Patcher Download Apk

Then this process will take some time. After this you can see here that both N1 and N2 have been successful patch but here the patch pattern N3 and N4 are not working but this is no problem, if our 2 patches also work, then we use applications You can use it in free.

Lucky Patcher Latest Apk

Then click on ok. After this, you have to exit the Lucky Patcher from here. Now let’s run on Temple Run 2 and open it. You can now see that our game is open. Again click on the store. Click on Currency.

Now you can see that when we did not patch this game then some prices were being written here, but now only points are being written here. Now let us click on any point here and see how we can buy it at absolutely free.

So here we click on Vault of Gems, here we buy it, then we will get 650 gems. So its price that showing 0.56 points, no money is being written here, so let’s click here.

Lucky Patcher For CoC

After this, you will see a pop-up of Lucky Patcher, then here you will find 2 options, click on “Yes” by tick both First (Auto repeat purchases with the current setting) and “Yes” .

Download Lucky Patcher PC

Now you can see that we have purchased that particular item, a “success” message on your screen “Thank You for purchasing” will come.

Lucky Patcher For iOS and iPad

In the same way you can buy them by clicking the button next to Gems and Coins again and again. And as many as you like, you can take Gems and Coins. But let’s tell them that all these processes are possible when your phone is root.

If you have any application, then you can convert it to Pro version or we can deactivate any of its purchases, and the verification which is done will be done by us. After that we can use that application absolutely free.

Lucky Patcher is a rooting Android App, which is a very popular app, You can easily Patch any kind of game with the help of this application. This is an Android app like your mobile’s other apps. You must have rooted mobile phone. if your mobile root then you can use this app and if not then you will not be able to access the features of this application. It works like an ad blocker. With the help of this app, you can also remove the ads that comes on your other apps.

With the help of this application, you can easily remove any app’s license and if you want to remove inbuilt apps too, then help of this app, You can easily customize any Android App and make any kind of changes in it. You can also get the latest version of any application with the help of this app.

Lucky Patcher Download

It is a special type app. Downloading Lucky Patcher from the Google Play Store, it is not possible, because this application is not available in Google playstore. You can download this application from any third party Or you can also Download Lucky Patcher from our amazing site. You can patch all types of games and app like clash of clans, Temple run, PlayBox HD App.

Lucky Patcher

Apk Name : Lucky Patcher

File Size : 5.5 Mb

Developer : Chelpus

Lucky Patcher is the best app for patching and modifying android apps of PC, iOS and COC. It helps for removing license, block ads in apps. It is so easy to use this app. You must install the app and use It so as more thing in your android games. You can also use paid apps for free. It helps to backup for files that can be downloaded from the latest version of the app Store and approved other things but it is not available on Google Play Store. Lucky Patcher APK can be download from our Official Website

Download Lucky Patcher For Android

By using this app you can patch games and apps on your android device, but to use this app you will have to root your android device. You can also use this app to use your device’s paid apps free. By clicking this links, you’ll get Lucky Patcher for Android.

Lucky Patcher Download

Download Lucky Patcher For PC

By using this app you can patch games apps, paid apps free download. For use this app in your PC you must need PC emulator. You can not use this app directly, PC emulator like BlueStacks. By clicking on this link, you must Download Lucky Patcher for PC.

Lucky Patcher PC

Download Lucky Patcher For iOS

It can be download from this website. Under this application, allow you Modify App, Block Ads, and Make in App Purchases for free. It support the iPad, TouchPad. You can block ads by using this app. Click this link to Download Lucky Patcher for iOS.

Lucky Patcher iOS

Download Lucky Patcher For COC

Lucky Patcher can be download from this website. Clash of Clans Game will be available everywhere that mean Clash of Clans, Android, ios, pc is unavailable in all places .Reads the need for games to increase the speed of the clash of clans which is available in cash but if you have Android or PC or iOS If you want to install in you device then you can use the free games. You can Download Lucky Patcher For COC from this link. You can also Download Cartoon HD from here.

Lucky Patcher COC

Lucky Patcher Features

  1. It is small in size, that means did not take much memory.
  2. To use this app, you must have an rooted android device.
  3. By using this app you can modify your android app in your device.
  4. You can get remove of the license from all apk by using this app.
  5. By using this app you can remove your ads(advertisement) from applications.
  6.  If you want to use a paid application free, you can convert that app here.
  7. By using this app you can remove verification on variable applications and Android games.
  8. It helps to unlocked valid features of other games.

Some F.A.Q About TutuApp

Q1. Lucky Patcher is Safe For Our Devices?

Yes because it is not collecting any type of data from users. Lucky Patcher is Safe and Provide 100% security for its users. It is the most amazing app nowadays.

Q2. Can User need jail-brake in iPhone?

No, This App work in all iOS devices properly without any issues. But in Android, you need to jailbreak.

Q3. How to install Lucky Patcher in Android?

In simple way, firstly Download Apk file from Download Page and click Android Download button, then enable unknown sources in your smartphone and double click on the .apk file it will install easily.

Q4. Can we install Lucky Patcher For PC?

Yes, We can install Lucky Patcher For PC, not directly but we can install Lucky Patcher with the help of Bluestaks emulator.


You can enjoy all Premium features and games for free. Lucky Patcher is all in one app, which removes all boring ads. It removes nonsense and unwanted app. It show different color accent then understand the State of the Apps. After launching this app, you will see that whatever installed apps and games are on your device, then you can patch those installed apps.

This is free tool, Lucky Patcher Apk is More Trusted Apps. If you like this article and it’s helpful to solve your problems then do share It With that person who needed this app. If you have other queries and want to know more about this app, you will be free to comment below and we will get you with answer.